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Thursday, July 28, 2022, @ 1 pm EST:


Addressing Security in the Agile Space

Wondering how to handle security measures effectively on Agile teams? You’re not alone. Many teams struggle with implementing security measures effectively without sacrificing the speed and efficiency that makes Agile so successful.

Join us when Christine Aykac, Acuna Consulting and Charles Maddox, The i4 Group, bring more than 25 years of industry experience to the conversation. In this webinar, you will learn about the challenges Agile teams face today and how you can overcome them more effectively.


Presenters: Christine AykacCharles Maddox

Wednesday, September 28, 2022, @ 2 pm EST:


Collective Intelligence: Enabler for High-Performing Organizations

How do you describe an organization that is both highly effective and innovative? Is it one where every individual is a genius? Or is it something else altogether? In truth, there is no single answer to this question. But if there's one factor that contributes to high performance more than any other, it's collective intelligence. And fortunately, there are ways to foster and empower collective intelligence in your organization. 


In this webinar, Christine Aykac and Jorge Blanco will discuss the key elements of transformational change, what collective intelligence means for teams and organizations and how to bring all team members to a "collective wisdom" state.

Presenters: Christine Aykac & Jorge Blanco

DevOps Leader and DevOps Coach

Instructor-led Virtual Programs 


September 2022 Weekdays & Weekends

 DASA DevOps Leaderdasa-devops-leader-24

Do you want to be a leader that can help your team achieve more?

 The DASA DevOps Leader qualification is perfect for anyone who wants to develop their leadership skills and learn how to help teams and organizations become more agile. You’ll learn about accelerating new value propositions and growing revenues and profits. Our program provides leaders with the skills they need to help their teams embrace change and grow their businesses.

With this qualification, you will be able to take on a formal or informal leadership role in your organization and help teams achieve even more. You’ll have the skills necessary to transform an organization into an Agile and DevOps culture, so they can move faster and achieve better results.

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September 2022 Weekdays & Weekends 

 DASA DevOps Coachdasa-devops-coach-24

Are you looking for ways to increase the performance of teams?

The DevOps Coach program can help you do just that. Our expert coaches who have real-life experience in this area, will guide you and your team through the transformation journey and learn how to help your team apply Agile & DevOps concepts and principles. This will result in a more efficient and productive organization.

The coaching program can be tailored specifically towards helping organizations learn new "Ways of Work" so they too may benefit from all things agile! You will see an increase in efficiency, faster deployments, improved quality and predictable outcomes. You will also have happier team members who are able to take pride in their work.

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